Tim Jones-Yelvington doesn’t push the envelope. He kicks the shit out of it. If ever there was a writer who could garner a rock star following, it would be this man.
— Roxane Gay, Author of Bad Feminist
When I think about contemporary poetry and its impossible donut shape — by which I mean continuous, obscure, dazzling, interesting, retreating, arriving — I always think about Tim Jones-Yelvington.
— Joyelle McSweeney, Author of The Necropastoral: Poetry, Media, Occults

Tim "TinTim" Jones-Yelvington is a Chicago-based author, multimedia artist, and nightlife personality/drag performer. 

He is the author of two collections of short fiction—"Evan's House and the Other Boys Who Live There" (in They Could No Longer Contain Themselves, Rose Metal Press), and This is a Dance Movie! (forthcoming, Tiny Hardcore Press). His work has appeared in Black Warrior Review, Puerto Del Sol, Harpur Palate, and many others. For three years, he served as guest editor for [PANK]'s annual queer issue. 

His dynamic live readings evolved into his drag/nightlife persona TinTim. TinTim is well known on Youtube as "America's first drag queen public intellectual, aka the 'Cornel-Motherfucking-West of drag.'" In live performances, she's a maenad, channeling the occult energy of the nightlife through camp transgression. 

By day, Tim "walks children in nature" as Program Manager for a summer leadership development program that empowers sustainability and social equity-interested young people to pursue their social change goals. 

Tim's literary and artistic interests include (but are not limited to): Camp, excess, new narrative, literary "fan fiction," transgression, pop culture, queer evil, glamour, multimedia and multi-form writing and performance. Tim's political interests include youth organizing, social movement building, intersectionality, antiracism, education justice, labor organizing, impact evaluation, leadership development, and others. 

Tim is available for readings, multimedia/literary performances, drag bookings, speaking engagements, panel discussions, and more. Connect here. 

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